Investing in such precious metals as gold and platinum is an investment for the long term. With our trusted trading platform, you can trade metals, energies and other commodities under favorable trading conditions.

Key features of commodity trading

Commodities are basic goods or materials of the same quality. For example, crude oil, livestock, grains, and metals bought in large quantities are usually used to produce more complex goods. Because they form the basis of the consumer goods we use in our daily lives, these commodities play a fundamental role in the national and global economy. ​

Commodities are divided into two categories: hard and soft commodities.

Hard Commodities: These are natural resources extracted from the earth, such as precious metals, base metals, and energy products.
Soft commodities mainly consist of livestock products and agricultural products.

Benefits of Commodity Trading

Growth opportunity

Commodity markets operate on the principle of supply and demand, any rapid increase in demand will have a direct impact on the price.


Diversification of your portfolio will protect your funds from sudden losses and help keep your investment portfolio stable.

Less manipulation

Commodity markets governed by international price movements are less prone to price fraud or manipulation.