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Trade stocks of major corporations around the world. With a reliable trading platform, you can go long or short on the shares of the most popular companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, etc.

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Today, stocks of companies related to technology, healthcare, and cryptocurrencies show high price volatility. Become a successful trader – invest in the most popular corporations around the world!

Stock trading. How it works

Share CFDs are a form of derivatives trading that allows you to speculate on the prices of public companies traded on exchanges without the need to own the underlying shares. This flexibility will help you diversify your investment portfolio without being tied to traditional holdings.

Benefits of stock trading

We offer shares trading on margin, giving you the opportunity to increase your presence in the market through leverage.
By trading stock CFDs, you can take advantage of both falling and rising markets, allowing you to expand your trading opportunities.
Get access to trade in some of the world’s most popular markets, including revolutionary companies such as Apple, SpaceX and Tesla.

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